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Author – Chris Wooding


Genre – Action, Dystopian,


Number of pages – 67


Is this book part of a series? – No


Publication date – September 2012


Publisher - Stoke Books


Links to Amazon US


Formats available – ebook, paperback, library binding


Target age of reader - 13 or 14 and up


Reading level -  not available at this time. If I had to guess I'd say it has a Lexile measurement in the 4 or 500s.


Description - The Lazarus Serum can bring you back from the dead - but when you come back you've changed - you're a Pale, an outcast. It's the last thing Jed wants, but an accident changes everything and Jed's forced to discover the true cost of living forever.


Themes of the book – choices, families, life and death, cheating death, cultures, what makes us different, racism, illness


Main Character is – Jed, a boy in high school.


Overall rating of this book  –  PG


** Spoiler Alert **


~ Content ~


Language, profanity – 'God' but nothing else


Sexual references or actions – None


Violence – Two fight scenes that are somewhat detailed.


Drugs, alcohol, etc – None


Religious themes - None, but a reader could discuss the concept of man acting as God.


Character types - All human.... zombies? You'll have to decide for yourself.


Heads up for sensitive readers:

There is a fair amount of negativity in this story
People hating other 'races'

Is this a good title for book reports?

    Absolutely. If you have a reluctant reader who needs a quick book for a book report, then this is it. There will be many questions raised and topics to talk about.

 ~ * ~

You can read customer reviews of this story by clicking here – Pale.  
If you need other high low books for high school aged readers I suggest the following titles: (these links will bring you to Amazon US.)
Burger Wuss - Lexile = 420L
Break - HL470L
Annexed - HL470L

I feel boys may particularly like those titles.
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Happy reading!
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