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The Book Snoop is a place for readers to find out about the content of young adult books. Do they contain sexual references, profanity, etc? Well, this site will let you know! 

Look at the label list in my sidebar for the category G Rated. These are the squeaky clean titles.

This title falls into that category.

Title  - Catboy

catboy walters

Author – Eric Walters


Genre – Values, City Life


Number of pages – 240 pages


Is this book part of a series? – No


Publication date – August 1, 2011


Publisher – Orca Book Publishers


Buy at  Amazon US, UK, or Barnes and Noble


Formats available – eBook and Paperback


Target age of reader – 9 – 12, or grade 4 and up.


Reading level -  unknown at this time


Description - Taylor and his mother have moved from a small northern town to the heart of Toronto. The differences are dramatic as Taylor becomes part of a classroom of kids as diverse as the city itself. While taking a shortcut across a junkyard with his new best friend, Simon, Taylor becomes aware of a colony of wild cats that make the junkyard their home. Assisted by his classmates, teacher and the security guard, Mr. Singh, Taylor takes a special interest in caring for the cats. Suddenly there is an announcement--the junkyard is being redeveloped to become condominiums. Can Taylor and his friends save the cats of the colony from certain death?


Themes of the book – differences, learning to live in a new place, cultures, fighting for what you believe in, judging people on appearances, immigrants, heritage, society, and how we treat each other.


Overall rating of this book – G Rated


** Spoiler Alert **


~ Content ~


Language, profanity, cussing – none


Sexual references or actions – none


Violence – A short scene where boys threaten to throw rocks. A few mild, tense scenes, very minimal


Drugs, alcohol, etc – none


Religious themes - none


Character types  - all human


Heads up for sensitive readers:

 ~  A couple of touching scenes involving feral cats.


Is this a good title for book reports? Maybe - there will be some things to talk about but the themes are quite subtle.

Interested in what I thought of this book? You can read the review I posted on Amazon here - Catboy.

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