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A Tinfoil Sky

Thanks for stopping. This book is one of my Top Picks.


Author – Cyndi Sand-Eveland


Genre – family drama, social situations


Number of pages – 225


Is this book part of a series? – No


Publication date – January 2012


Publisher - Tundra Books


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Formats available – Hardcover and ebook


Target age of reader - 10 and up


Reading level -  Not available at this time


Description -  Mel and her mother, Cecily, know what it’s like to live rough, whether it’s on the streets or in the apartment of an abusive man.When Cecily announces that they’ve had enough and that they are going to go home to her mother’s, Mel dreams of security, a comfortable bed, and a grandmother’s love seem to be about to come true. But some mistakes cannot be easily forgiven or erased. Her grandmother is not what Mel expects, and though the local library offers sanctuary, a real home seems beyond her grasp. Mel’s determination to rise above what fate has dealt is about to change that.

Cyndi Sand-Eveland’s work with homeless youth gives her characters an authenticity no reader will forget. Ultimately, a story of hope and acceptance, A Tinfoil Sky is a powerful, can’t-putit- down novel.


Themes of the book – homelessness, belonging, finding your place, poverty, survival, accepting others, having others accept you, homeless shelters, mother daughter relationships, and making decisions for a better life.


Main character is – female, Mel


The story takes place in - Riverview, a made up town


Overall rating of this book  –  G to PG due to the subject matter


** Spoiler Alert **


~ Content ~


Language, profanity, cussing – None


Sexual references or actions – None


Violence – The description mentions an abusive man, but this was mentioned in passing and only as a suggestion or hint. There is talk of Mel fearing him, but I thought this was minimal.


Drugs, alcohol, etc – talk of a parent having a substance abuse problem - briefly mentioned or hinted at.


Religious themes - None


Character types - all human


Heads up for sensitive readers:

Some readers may find this book sad. 
A grandmother is quite mean to her grand daughter
Homeless scenes are sad
Mel fears her mom's boyfriend. even though the events are not described, the fear is there.

Is this a good title for book reports?  Definitely! a wonderful story that teachers need to discover.


You can read my review of this story by clicking here – A Tinfoil Sky. That link will bring you to Amazon.

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